AST 1858 - Retreat, warm jade

Chapter 1858 - Retreat, warm jade

Qing Shui slightly squinted his eyes. The bright light shining from him was like a cold substance as he continuously unleashed his Golden Battle Halberd. His body movements were very agile and also contained a kind of rhythm.

The Goddess Force!

The powerful Goddess Force enabled Qing Shui to carry heavy things as if they were very light. His attack might not really seem that strong, but only the old man would know the fearsome power which laid behind it. Furthermore, the old man could feel that Qing Shui seemed to be holding back. He seemed to be using this old man merely as a practice tool.

Indeed, that was precisely what Qing Shui viewed him as. He wasn’t going all out. In fact, he used even less power compared to the first time they clashed. He knew the principle of not underestimating his opponent on their first clash, that’s why Qing Shui spent a huge amount of strength on it. Though the old man might seem alright, he has already suffered internal injuries.

On the following clashes, Qing Shui held back even more....

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