AST 1854 - Heaven Star Immortal Sect, a forced marriage?

Chapter 1854 - Heaven Star Immortal Sect, a forced marriage?

(Author Note: The Heavenly Meridians is still at the eleventh one. It has been the same since the past. It might not necessarily be the talent of the women from the Portraits of Beauty, the Vampiric Empress didn’t help Qing Shui connect the meridians, she merely helped him strengthened his Goddess Force)

“I am back.” Qing Shui smiled and greeted Sheng Jun.

It’s only after he had said it that he felt some ambiguity in his words. He was saying it like he was back in his own house. For some unknown reason, he felt that Sheng Jun was a very righteous woman. She also had a great personality, which led him to start treating her as his friend. Wherever a friend was, that place would be filled with warmth. The warmth caused him to say something like this.

“You seem to be quite energetic, I assume things have gone well for you?” Sheng Jun said in joy. While speaking, she slowly approached Qing Shui.

She didn’t...

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