AST 1852 - Fullmoon, male represent Yang, female represent Yin

Chapter 1852 - Fullmoon, male represent Yang, female represent Yin

Some of the rules which Qing Shui mentioned were set by a specific person. Just like the law which stated that the Battle God Inheritor must recognize the Demon Lord Inheritors as their enemies.

Of course, Qing Shui would still fight against evil beings. But he still knew that some people were exceptions. For example, Tantai Lingyan, and also the Vampiric Empress.

The Vampiric Empress actually knew that Qing Shui wouldn’t do anything to her. However, she was still very surprised by Qing Shui’s identity. She never thought that he would actually be the Battle God Inheritor. And he wasn’t just some ordinary Battle God Inheritors, he was the Golden Battle God Inheritor.


Very soon, the full moon period of the little brat has already arrived. Without noticing, Qing Shui has already been here for a month. No one was invited. It’s just Qing Shui and the Vampiric Empress enjoying dinner...

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