AST 1851 - Do you really want to marry me?

Chapter 1851 - Do you really want to marry me?

“Does it feel comfortable?” Qing Shui chuckled and looked at her.

The Vampiric Empress has developed a resistance to it now. She knew that the man really liked teasing her. He seemed to be enlightened after embarrassing her. She also understood a bit about how the man thought. He seemed to feel a sense of achievement or comfort whenever she said something embarrassing.

“You bastard.” The Vampiric Empress glared as she handed over the little lass to Qing Shui. She then went out of the room.

Qing Shui knew that she has gone to shower. Normally, after giving birth, women would spend days not showering. It was said that they mustn’t get exposed to the cold. During that time, it was the time when their body would be at the frailest state. It’s easy for them to catch colds.

But things were different in this world. Their body physique was strong to begin...

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