AST 1847 - Life is a Journey

Chapter 1847 - Life is a Journey

Sometimes things are just that marvelous. Much like Qing Xuan, mysterious beyond mysteries, there wasn’t much of a relationship between him and the Vampiric Demoness Empress. Yet, suddenly, despite a distance of thousands of miles, such a bond had been forged.

This relationship was all due to Qing Xuan. If not for her, the two would be walking their own paths and Qing Shui would eventually forget all about the Vampiric Demoness Hills.

Qing Shui held on to Qing Xuan, seeing her smile and those beady, crystalline eyes, innocent and pure, seemingly curious about the world. If it was in his previous life, a newborn having such an expression would be shocking, but everything...

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