AST 1846 - Saintly Demon Girl Qing Xuan

Chapter 1846 - Saintly Demon Girl Qing Xuan

After the quarrel just now, Qing Shui was starting to feel much better. This world was truly wondrous. Why bother about such small things? If he really cared, then what would he make of Muyun Qingge and Luo Qingcheng?

Using his previous worlds’ standards, they would be considered demon spirits. They were the textbook definition of beauty and the greatest desire of men. Demon Spirits and regular demons were different in that one was beautiful beyond comparison, and the other was indescribably ugly.

Qing Shui sat there doing nothing for ten days. Many Vampiric Demonesses passed by but he did not detect the Vampiric Demoness...

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