AST 1843 - Sword Dance

Chapter 1843 - Sword Dance

Qing Shui didn’t hesitate and answered right away, “Sure! Sword responds to its owner’s heart. When a person dedicates his heart into it, the sword will respond fully to his will. To cultivate a sword, one has to first cultivate his mind. A person’s mind decides how his or her attainment in sword will be like. Merely practicing swords will never get you anywhere.”

Though this principle might sound very simple, not many people actually managed to do it, or rather, it was just something which was simply out of their league. Even expert warriors like Sheng Jun might not necessarily be able to pull it off perfectly.

“Practice makes perfect”, everyone knew about this theory. They would all tend to think that as long as they had the talent and made sure to practice frequently, in time, they would all achieve great things.

This wasn’t entirely wrong either. When they were practicing their sword skills, they also knew that they had to dedicate...

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