AST 1842 - Minor Emperor Pellet

Chapter 1842 - Minor Emperor Pellet

Since they were only small fry, Qing Shui didn’t bother with this matter any longer.

The sky was already dark when Qing Shui returned to the Sacred Mountain with Sheng Jun. And though it was miniscule, there was still a difference between day and night in this underwater world.

“Have a good rest!” Sheng Jun bid her farewells before leaving.

Qing Shui saw her off before returning to his courtyard. She seemed to have changed and Qing Shui could feel the concern in her last sentence. It was obvious, but he didn’t think much of it before. Even though he could feel her concern now, he thought he was mistaken.

Qing Shui shook his head, he was here for the Vampiric Empress. It was time to discard these thoughts since there were...

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