AST 1837 - Nine Heavens Constellations Formation

Chapter 1837 - Nine Heavens Constellations Formation

Seeing Qing Shui’s gaze, she was slightly speechless, as amidst his weird expression there was a hint of evilness. A little like a man that was blatantly staring at a woman.

“If you are really going to marry him, then you’d have to suffer.” Qing Shui made a thoughtful expression.

“Who says I’m going to marry him.” Sheng Jun was nearly speechless.

She was naturally unable to see Qing Shui’s thoughts, or else she would’ve left in anger immediately. Qing Shui chucked, “This fool doesn’t even look at himself, the size difference is just too much.”

Qing Shui said this very seriously and it was a normal and upright statement, but Sheng Jun finally figured out what his strange...

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