AST 1836 - Yaksha, Golden Yakshas?

Chapter 1836 - Yaksha, Golden Yakshas?

To leave a friend behind and escape alone was not something which Qing Shui was willing to do. He felt like he was dancing to her tune and it was impossible for him to turn her down. He had obtained the greatest benefits from the Sacred Ocean, which were the miracle medicines. Therefore, he felt that he still owed her a favor.

Other than the medicines, he even obtained his Golden Dragon here. Moreover, she even agreed to help him take care of the Vampiric Empress. Even though he helped her to tame the Sacred Moon Stallion out of guilt, he still felt that he owed her a favor. Thus, She was already a friend in his heart.

Qing Shui always treated his friends well, as true friends were hard...

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