AST 1831 - Treasure Pagoda recognizing its owner

Chapter 1831 - Treasure Pagoda Recognizing its Owner

“Women and treasures should belong to the morally upright people.” The shop owner used a tone as if he was lecturing a junior.

Qing Shui laughed when he heard these words, the owner truly belonged to the ‘morally upright people’ he thought sarcastically. He had obtained supreme treasures from the shop owner and wanted to see his reaction if he found out the true prowess of the treasures.

“You should rethink your decision. I’m not in the mood to kill today, but if you dare to think about my women again, even if I didn’t kill you, you can forget being a man any longer.” Qing Shui said gravely.

The shop owner’s face was gloomy. With his tendencies, if he really couldn’t be a man...

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