AST 1825 - Tantai Lingyan Is Too Powerful

Chapter 1825 - Tantai Lingyan Is Too Powerful

Qin Qing knew this as well, but she hadn't noticed it as early as Qing Shui had. Right now, seeing Tantai Lingyan standing amidst the ice and snow, she seemed to be dancing together with the snowflakes.

Qing Shui had stopped everything in the surroundings. At this time, there wouldn't be anyone coming to disturb her. An epiphany like this was hard to encounter even in several decades. He was well aware of the benefits and could almost describe this as a rebirth.

It was a person's great fortune to encounter an epiphany once in a lifetime. If it was in Qing Shui's previous life, there was the saying ‘a single comprehension allowed one to gain enlightenment to become a Buddha.’ This went to show how powerful an epiphany w...

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