AST 1824 - Tantai Lingyan's Epiphany

Chapter 1824 - Tantai Lingyan's Epiphany

They instantly arrived at the Divine Cave that was in the Ice Ocean Domain. This wasn't the first time Yiye Jiange had traveled in this manner between the Qing Clan’s residence and the North Sea. Qin Qing had experienced it before and Tantai Lingyan wasn't a person who would be easily taken by surprise.

This method saved them a lot of time. The Divine Cave was exactly the same as before when they left. It was clean and everything was in abundance. Moreover, there was a kind of natural elegance about the cave. Previously, Qing Shui had set up a restriction here and thus, this place was a residence for Qing Shui and the ladies.

Back then, when the Sea King Palace hadn't yet moved, Qing Shui had stayed here. Thinking back, over ten years had passed and it had been a very long time since he had lived...

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