AST 1821 - Shadow Phoenix Pavilion, The Lair of Assassins

Chapter 1821 - Shadow Phoenix Pavilion, The Lair of Assassins

Shen Huang didn't say anything but merely wore a faint smile. Right now, she felt very relaxed. Having experienced life and death twice within the same day, she learned to accept many things. It was as if she was able to see through the meaning of life more.

People tended to say that one's vision determined one's height. There were also people who claimed that one's height determined one's vision. In a way, these two were actually connected. Earlier, Shen Huang had been unable to walk out of her own chains. Everyone had a threshold that they were unable to pass through. This was Shen Huang's.

However, even though she was still unable to cross it at the moment, this was no longer impossible nor would it be able to restrict her. If there were no accidents, she would be able to walk out of it slowly.

"You've changed." Qing Shui sensed that...

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