AST 1820 - It’s difficult to be a gentleman

Chapter 1820 - It’s difficult to be a gentleman

There was not much time left. Qing Shui couldn’t afford to pay attention to so many things. Very quickly, he had managed to help Shen Huang took off her clothes, leaving only her a bra and underwear. 

Qing Shui felt an itchy sensation in his nose. Though it hadn’t gotten to the extent that he started having a nosebleed, he still felt as if blood was going to gush out of his nose. The woman who only had bra and underwear left on her looked incredibly beautiful. Her slender figure and her jade-like skin were out of this world. During his time in this life, though he might have seen Suet Jade before, he was sure that not even Suet Jade would look as good as the woman’s skin. 

She was like the fairy who had come down from the vast night sky. She possessed a tranquil and elegant aura, making her so noble that words simply just couldn’t describe her. Anyone would want to protect a woman like...

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