AST 1818 - It would only Benefit Qing Shui?

Chapter 1818 - It would only Benefit Qing Shui?

Shen Huang was barely able to dodge from yet another attack. After that, she looked at her surroundings with a slightly hopeless look. She didn’t fear death. In fact, she was already prepared to sacrifice herself to cause an explosion around here. Even if she died, at least it wouldn’t be for naught. 

Suddenly, Qing Shui’s figure appeared in her mind. She didn’t understand why this man would appear in her mind at this moment. She was hoping that he wouldn’t be tricked by them.

“Huang`Er, if you dare commit suicide, I will torture Huo Feng and turn his life into a living hell.” Jin Feng seemed to have seen through Shen Huang’s plan and threatened her. 

Shen Huang’s eyes shot out a piercing coldness as she glared at Jin Feng. However, even with her face looking all red like that, she was still able to give out bewitching charms. If those eyes were capable of killing people, Shen Huang would have killed Jin Feng...

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