AST 1814 - Arrived at Phoenix Sun Valley, A confusing situation

Chapter 1814 - Arrived at the Phoenix Sun Valley, A confusing situation.

When Qing Shui saw the letter in his hand, he froze in shock. Shen Huang… She was in danger? Who could possibly be strong enough to be a threat to her? Could it be techniques which were capable of damaging her Yin Energy?

At the moment, Qing Shui was feeling shocked and also very worried. He didn’t think that this was a threatening letter because there was no such need for it. Right at the moment when he was about to leave, a person came to the Qing Clan demanding to meet Qing Shui.

Qing Shui knew that at a time like this, the people who would come looking for him shouldn’t be an ordinary person. Since he came to look for him, it must mean that there was something urgent going on. Hence he immediately came to the front yard. It was a middle-aged man who looked slightly old.

From his appearance, the man looked very ordinary with the clothes he wore...

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