AST 1809 - The “retarded” Huo Feng

Chapter 1809 - The “retarded” Huo Feng 

Qing Shui spent the remaining days at his home. He knew he mustn’t leave because Shen Huang’s two Martial Brothers might come and look for him. Who knew what kind of people they were?

On the next day, at noon, Qing Shui finally saw them. They both have appearances similar to middle-aged men. Furthermore, they seemed to be in their early mid-age.

Qing Shui was immediately able to identify those two as Jin Feng and Huo Feng. He learned about their names from Shen Huang.

He was able to recognize them due to the aura emitting off their body. They were very formidable. Qing Shui was unable to clearly tell the nature of their aura just as he was unable to sense Shen Huang’s strength.

However, one thing that he was sure of, their strength was still inferior to Shen Huang’s. He had a feeling that he would only need to improve a little more to feel...

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