AST 1808 - The News of Jin Feng and Huo Feng

Chapter 1808 - The News of Jin Feng and Huo Feng

“Lingyan, Qing`er, do you plan to stay in the Demon Lord Palace?”

Without them knowing, they already spent three days in the Demon Lord Palace. Hua Rumei, Zhan Yu, and Jin Ci had improved in strength, all of them served the Demon Lord Palace after all. Nevertheless, Qing Shui wondered how Tantai Lingyan’s character could have won over their hearts.

Despite her beauty, she was as cold as a thousand-years ice block. Thus, the coldness might be accumulated from the previous generations of Demon Lords. Now that Qing Shui had become the guardian of the Demon Lord Palace, he would naturally treat Tantai Lingyan as his woman. He would not let anyone suffer...

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