AST 1807 - No More Expectation

Chapter 1807 - No More Expectation

Qing Shui hugged Qin Qing tightly without a word. They kissed each other naturally.

He kissed her very deeply, his tongue explored the soft and tasty mouth swiftly, overlapping her delicate tongue repeatedly.

Qin Qing reciprocated passionately, her beautiful eyes were half closed and her arms wrapped around Qing Shui’s neck tightly. Her body was shivering continuously. She knew what she was anticipating at the moment she saw Qing Shui.

Qing Shui laid both his hands on her back, the delicate and smooth touch excited all of his senses. Soon, he craved for more and placed his hands on her full and firm ass.

Qin Qing’s body trembled vigorously and she let out a soft moan....

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