AST 1805 - Lingyan, I miss you

AST 1805 - Lingyan, I miss you

The Fourth Elder only greeted Qing Shui simply without being warm or distant.

Fifth Elder was different from the rest, he was gloomy and cold. He did not say a word to Qing Shui except nodding; he was like a tree log or an ice block.

Sixth Elder and Seventh Elder were two grannies who seemed to be very old. Despite their grizzled hair, their faces were youthful with good spirits. Qing Shui could see from their wrinkleless faces that they were quite good-looking when they were young.

The two grannies were exceptionally good to Qing Shui and treated him like their juniors. Qing Shui felt their warmth as well, he liked elder people like them very much.

Shen Huang did not introduce...

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