AST 1802 - The Same Level Of Power As Phoenix God Organization

Chapter 1802 - The Same Level Of Power As The Phoenix God Organization

Qing Shui received the fine gold and said, “Don’t worry. You will definitely be satisfied with it.”

“In that case, I will take my leave now. If you need anything, go to the Phoenix Dance Mountain and look for me. You will definitely find me once you reach there.” The woman had planned on leaving first after she was done talking.

Before she could leave, Qing Shui quickly interrupted, “Please don’t go in a hurry. I haven’t understood a thing yet. How can you just leave like that?”

Qing Shui was quite speechless. He wondered if this woman truly didn’t know or she had intentionally left out the details on purpose. He was now the guest elder of the Phoenix God Organization, yet he was left out of the loop in regards to their current situation.

Even so, he didn’t feel quite right to go overboard with his inquiry. Basically, he didn’t need to offer his service or anything...

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