AST 1801 - Joining Phoenix God Organization, Fine Gold Token

Chapter 1801 - Joining The Phoenix God Organization, Fine Gold Token

Qing Shui continued to observe her for a very long time without uttering a single word. What shocked him the most was that this woman did not utter a single word either. Likewise, she looked back at him with a gaze that could traverse beyond the moon and stars.

Qing Shui had no idea what was going on inside her mind. Her expression was exceedingly calm too. At the very least, he did not detect any sort of agitation from her. Even if there was any, he wasn’t able to see through it. Her beautiful eyes did not blink even once the whole time they were staring at each other.

This scenario seemed like some sort of contest, as if whoever tried to speak first would lose the match. After a long while, Qing Shui sighed and asked gently, “Who are you?”

Even though Qing Shui already had an idea about...

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