AST 1798 - The people of Phoenix God Organization, ignorance

Chapter 1798 - The People of the Phoenix God Organization, Ignorance

Qing Shui felt particularly happy when he saw his women as well as his children. Luckily, the hall was huge enough to accommodate everyone. Despite that, it still seemed to be quite crowded. And his children weren’t even married yet!

Though Qing Shui was as old as his mother back then, but Qing Shui had already achieved a lot more considering that he had children like Qing Zun and Qing Ming. This comparison made Qing Shui felt that the current and the past Qing Clan, were like the difference between a city and a village.

In his past incarnation, people from the village tended to get married earlier, comparing to those from the cities. Qing Shui’s family in his past incarnation resided precisely within a village. A lot of them usually got married at their 20s; quite a few would also do it at the age of 18. The youngest one he had ever seen even got married at 16.

In cities, on...

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