AST 1795 - A bit of planning, burden

Chapter 1795 - A bit of planning, burden

Yuan Su smiled and nodded. After that, in a shy tone, she said something which made Qing Shui felt speechless.

“Considering the number of women you have, it’s enough for you to be fully occupied. I will tell you when I am ready to get married.”

Qing Shui patted his forehead and was very speechless. He then smiled and said in a naughty way, “Actually, you will begin to regret once you get married to someone, regret why you didn’t get married earlier. The ‘Divine Weapons’, which gods made for men and women, are made precisely to let them realize that they would become one when they mated.”

Yuan Su blushed and even her eyes were wavering. Suddenly, she embraced Qing Shui and took the initiative to kiss him. She was very active. The only issue was that she was quite immature when it came to kissing. It was not like they have never kissed before, She just wasn’t really that good at it. So...

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