AST 1793 - Yehuang Guwu’s fearsome White Tiger Divine Technique

Chapter 1793 - Yehuang Guwu’s Fearsome White Tiger Divine Technique

For the time being, Qing Shui didn’t plan to focus too much on these matters. The most important thing now was for the overall strength of the Qing Clan to rise. In the future, even without his heritage, he still wanted to ensure that the Qing Clan stood steadily in the continents. The Qing Clan had been carried by him to its position today; there were no more retreating routes for the clan itself.

He must work hard on nurturing multiple generations within the Qing Clan and also enrich the treasures of the Qing Clan itself. Other than that, he would also need to develop an inheritance exclusive to the Qing Clan and pass it down for multiple generations.

With all that said, the thing which remained was his bloodline. Qing Shui had begun to notice the presence of his bloodlines in some of his children. For example, Qing Zun and Qing Ming. Both of them would soon develop their respective heritage, being able to pass it down through generations.

Qing Zun’s inheritance...

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