AST 1792 - The heaven-defying Luan Luan, First Divine Grade

Chapter 1792 - The Heaven-Defying Luan Luan, First Divine Grade

The time at home was well-spent; Qing Shui was very content with it. Deep down, he felt very safe around them. As everyone should know, he didn’t sleep for the entire night on his first day back.

Qing Shui had no issues with his body. He only managed to walk through every single one of his women’s rooms after sunrise.

Prior to this, though he did it with both Di Qing and Hai Dongqing, they were still not used to “sharing the same blanket together.” If that were truly the case, his already insufficient time would be even less. After all, it was not like they could get straight into doing ‘that’ as soon as Qing Shui entered their room. Hence, a lot of time was wasted on it. Though a night might be quite long, the problem was that Qing Shui had too many wives. In fact, Hai Dongqing and Di Qing’s rooms were the last two rooms which he visited.

Initially, Qing Shui had planned to not visit them if time didn’t allow...

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