AST 1791 - Four generations together, A big clan together

Chapter 1791 - Four Generations Together, a Big Clan Together

All in all, it was now daytime. When the two women came out with their red faces, Qing Shui had already cleaned up. Watching the two happy faces of the women, that attractiveness tickled his heart a little.

An itching heart, the itching heart of a person wasn’t a very relaxing feeling. It was comparable to what a man felt after seeing a very beautiful woman, who was also very sexy. The well-rounded body made you want to massage her against your body, as though you wanted to eat her and bite her all over...

Qing Shui had that feeling now. Although he had just done it, Qing Shui hadn’t enjoyed himself to his limit back then. His body had no problem and the charm of the women had...

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