AST 1787 - Qing Shui's Women and Children

AST 1787 - Qing Shui's Women and Children

"Father!" Qing Ming smiled and called out.

"Not bad. You're reached a bottleneck now, but as long as you can break through it, you'll enjoy a long period of rapid and smooth-sailing progressing thereafter." Qing Shui pat him on the shoulder.

When Qing Shui came back the last time, he had helped them. The strongest Qing Zun and a few others were only at Early Martial Saint. However, they were now at Peak Martial Saint and would soon attain a breakthrough to the Martial Emperor level.

"Yan`er!" Qing Shui took his daughter's hand.

This lass had grown up into a lady as well. She was a quiet girl of few words and her aptitude weren't bad. However, she wasn't considered any kind of rare talent.

She didn't like to fight and gave off a quiet feeling, as if she wasn't that interested...

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