AST 1786 - Returning Home After Many Years

Chapter 1786 - Returning Home After Many Years

The head of the Heavenly Saber Manor left. Qing Shui felt that he should be leaving as well. The other party should know what to do. However, it was just like what the Heavenly Saber Manor's head had said, there would probably be someone who would come to look for Qing Shui. It should be an even more powerful existence in the Phoenix God Organization.

"Old Master, Brother, we'll take our leave first." Qing Shui had a strong yearning to head back. After all, he hadn't gone back for many years.

To the current Qing Shui, returning home would take just an instant.

"Be careful on your way!"


Qing Shui and Yiye Jiange brought along Qing Xiu, waved their hands, and disappeared from the sight of Soulsearch and the others.

"Old Master, I wonder if we'll be able to...

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