AST 1785 - Phoenix Dance Amalgamation's Phoenix God Organization

Chapter 1785 - Phoenix Dance Amalgamation's Phoenix God Organization



A huge sound rang out and powerful Origin Qi scattered out in all direction. Smoke and dust filled up the place. There was fog formed in the atmosphere and agonizing cries coming from the beast rides.

With a big palm imprint, the area in the center of the group was completely destroyed. Although not many of them were hurt, they were all rendered in a pathetic state. Earlier on, with just a glance, Qing Shui got an estimation of their abilities and thus he knew that his attack could reach this effect.

Astonishing impact. This was what he was striving for. He wanted his opponents to know that they were weak and useless before him and in the future, if they wished to deal with him, they should remember the scene today.

Although most of the people darted away in a pathetic state, there were also quite a number...

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