AST 1781 - Heavenly Saber Manor?

Chapter 1781 - Heavenly Saber Manor?

Qing Shui did not ponder any longer, as thinking about it more and more would only make him depressed. He did not even know what mindset one should have about it.

Li Yan was not as carefree as she seemed. She was more mature and could feel the immense gap between herself and Qing Shui, and that was the barrier of social status.

Social status was still very important in the continents, in fact, this was true anywhere and everywhere.

She had once been with Qing Shui for a while and even knew that she looked like a woman he once loved, but no matter how similar they were, she was not that woman.

She was very conflicted, as she realized that was the reason, why they had gotten...

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