AST 1778 - Motion in Nine Continents Star Ocean Domain

Chapter 1778 - Motion in Nine Continents Star Ocean Domain

“You’re finally back!” Yin Tong and Qing Shui greeted each other with a punch on the shoulder while smiling.

Up next, Lan Lingfeng greeted Qing Shui. Ling Fei and Ziche Sha skipped the hugging part, so did Xuenuo and Yu Niang. Tianyi was here too, he was now the most skillful doctor in the Imperial Cuisine Hall.

The changes were obvious within a few years, Yu Niang’s children grew up a lot, the youngest girl who was already ten years old felt shy to see Qing Shui.

“Ya Ya, you don’t remember uncle anymore,” Qing Shui patted the fine-looking young girl now. Ten years old was a young age, but she was a lot bigger than the three years old girl she was.


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