AST 1775 - Forging, Qing Shui’s Current Strength

Chapter 1775 - Forging, Qing Shui’s Current Strength

It took some time to melt the Vampiric Divine Gold. Then, the molten Vampiric Divine Gold was poured directly on the Golden Battle Halberd.

At Qing Shui's current level, he didn’t need special forging platform anymore, he could directly perform it instead.

The Golden Battle Halberd floated in front of Qing Shui. Swinging the violet False God-grade hammer, he began using Thousand Hammering Technique to forge the Golden Battle Halberd.

The hammering speed was very fast yet not frantic. It was very rhythmic, enabling people to see it vividly with a pressuring beat.

Nine Yang Golden Body, Qi of the Ancient Strengthening Technique, combined with the Nature Energy and indescribable...

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