AST 1773 - Back to Sunset Sea King Palace With Charm

Chapter 1773 - Back to the Sunset Sea King Palace With Charm

Qing Shui didn’t question Muyun Qingge and she also didn’t talk about this. Yet, he was sure of it.

Qing Shui looked at Muyun Qingge who was practising ceaselessly. His heart was calm and peaceful. A few days have passed since then, though he was unhappy with the issue of Vampiric Queen, he was slowly recovering now.

He stopped thinking further, there was too much trouble in life. Thus, it was unnecessary to create more troubles. Some things didn’t need to be done deliberately, once happened, it would progress on the right track by itself. It was the law of nature and Heavenly Dao, humans were incapable to change them...

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