AST 1772 - Muyun Qingge, the Sun Shooting Battle God Inheritor

Chapter 1772 - Muyun Qingge, the Sun Shooting Battle God Inheritor

Qing Shui didn’t know if he should feel happy after hearing what Muyun Qingge said. This thing has happened too suddenly. What’s worse was that he was a person with the traditional mindset. If the Vampiric Empress didn't have his child in her stomach, he would have been able to act like nothing ever happened.

Actually, until now, it’s still considered as nothing has happened. The empress has only asked for a drop of his Blood Essence in return for the Vampiric Divine Gold. The only problem was that her daughter would definitely have his blood flowing in her veins.

Though he didn’t share any relations with this woman. No matter how beautiful or how pretty she might look, at the end of the day, she was still a Vampiric Empress. He has never once intended to have such a woman.

Certainly, it even remained a question whether the woman looked up to him. For now, only one thing...

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