AST 1771 - Vampiric Empress, a Sacred Demoness?

Chapter 1771 - Vampiric Empress, a Sacred Demoness?

The Vampiric Queen stood in front of Qing Shui and looked at the man. All of a sudden, she got a bit nervous. This was her first time feeding on a man’s Blood Essence. Actually, prior to this, she has always been feeding on the Blood Essence of Spiritual Beasts. She herself also possessed quite a few Spiritual Beasts and that’s how she basically fulfill her needs for food.

She had the impression that normal demonic beasts and humans were often dirty and so she was reluctant to feed on them. The only exception was the man in front of her… She found him different, he was very powerful and furthermore, she found his blood extremely attractive.

When she came up close, the fragrance became even more intense, causing Qing Shui to feel an urge to nip on her. However, he soon dismissed his intention to do. He continued to look at the...

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