AST 1769 - Vampiric Divine Gold, Vampiric Demoness Queen

AST 1769 - Vampiric Divine Gold, Vampiric Queen

Qing Shui got a bit stirred up when he saw Muyun Qingge’s expression. It was a feeling which words couldn’t describe. As the saying went “Feelings nurture through time”, time enabled the two of them to get used to each other.  Therefore, the two would begin to get closer romantically without them noticing.

It was just like what Muyun Qingge was thinking about just now. Certainly, all of these were built based on a certain foundation. Not everyone could develop feelings for each other, even after a long period of time. Muyun Qingge stood beside Qing Shui. She was feeling the clear aura around his body, she felt great and safe, but suddenly, she thought about Yiye Jiange and the Sunset Palace Mistress. She began to wonder… How many women did he still have back at home?

Thinking up to this point, she began to feel something in her heart. Actually,...

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