AST 1768 - The Seductive Vampiress Demon

Chapter 1768 - The Seductive Vampiric Demoness

The bloodsucking didn’t actually mean sucking the actual blood out of its opponent. Instead, it meant sucking out the vitality of the opponent through weapons, or rather, the opponent’s Origin Qi. Furthermore, through the Vampiric Divine Gold, he could also convert the opponent's Qi into his own.

This reminded Qing Shui of a technique from his previous incarnation, The Star Absorption Grand Technique. The Vampiric Divine Gold might cost a lot and across the world only very few exceptional weapons could be forged from it. It could be said that it was very difficult to actually forge any weapons with the Vampiric Divine Gold, as the chance of failure was too high. In addition to that, there was also another reason for this.

The metal that made the Vampiric Divine Gold was quite fragile. Hence, when forging a weapon, only a very small quantity of it could actually be added. If more was added,...

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