AST 1765 - The Speed of Sacred Moon Stallion

Chapter 1765 - The Speed of Sacred Moon Stallion

Sheng Jun noticed Qing Shui’s movements and didn’t feel anything negative. This man looked calm, casual, and natural.

Sheng Jun was surprised by her own feelings. She couldn’t see through this young man. He was such a steady man with an imposing and formidable charisma.

“Are you interested in practicing this? It should benefit you greatly.” Qing Shui invited in a casual tone.

“Can I?” Sheng Jun asked curiously.

“Sure. It’s very easy to learn. Just watch me.” Qing Shui jokingly said. Then, he showed the techniques step by step while mumbling the essence, realm, and mental state.

Qing Shui had always wanted to make Taichi fist universal and this woman before him might be...

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