AST 1764 - The Formidable Dragon-capturing Hands

Chapter 1764 - The Formidable Dragon-capturing Hands

Qing Shui was astounded, staring at the wonderful beauty before him. Her jade-like, pretty face was slightly flushed. She had beautiful and elegant eyes with fine, long, and fan-like eyelashes. Her silhouette was slender and her curves were graceful. Her composed and gentle-looking expression gave out a sense of charming allure.

Perfection. The Drakainas’ beauty was undeniably magnificent. It was even beyond description at the moment.

Qing Shui looked up to her rigidly. Sitting there, Muyun Qingge stood so close to him that he could see her prominent figure, especially the shape of her chest. The curves stretched out from her clothes made him feel heated up.

“Silly, I was just teasing you. I shall go and rest.”...

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