AST 1762 - Sacred Moon Stallion, Her Name Was Sheng Jun

Chapter 1762 - Sacred Moon Stallion, Her Name Was Sheng Jun

Her question was straightforward and surprised Qing Shui. Still, it was faster this way. He regained his composure and replied, “I need the Sacred Mudra Flower to save a life.”

The woman frowned after listening to Qing Shui, she continued softly, “How much do you know about the Sacred Mudra Flower ?”

Qing Shui answered after taking a second to think, “The Sacred Mudra Flower is the divine-grade medicinal herb. It can heal some irreversible injuries but it cannot ensure a full recovery.”

Qing Shui didn’t say much. Although the medicinal herbs in Main Continents were magical, some revival medicinal herbs could only keep one’s life without healing the injuries. For example, even some divine-grade...

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