AST 1761 - So Many Humans The Sacred Fairy Inheritor

Chapter 1761 - So Many Humans, The Sacred Fairy Inheritor

The more the woman studied Qing Shui, the more she felt defeated by Qing Shui. By now, she had reckoned that Qing Shui was not an ordinary man. Most importantly, he was very sincere. Sincerity was rarely found in a powerful man. Surely, it was partly because of the Sacred Mountain.

Apart from that, this strong warrior came seeking medicine to save someone’s life. They could be someone significant or even a strong warrior too. He would certainly harbor resentment toward herself and the Sacred Mountain for any accidents that might happen.

Ru Meng had seen the world through the years. She was not a fool. Yet, the young man before her eyes was not the same as the others, though it was hard to distinctly point out the difference.


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