AST 1760 - People from the Sacred Mountain, Ru Meng

Chapter 1760 - People from the Sacred Mountain, Ru Meng

Muyun Qingge didn’t know about the bloodline of the Golden Dragon, nor was she aware of the overall strength of it. However, she had the opportunity to witness the scene of the snake turning into a dragon, which was something rarely seen even in a hundred years time. Hence, she was now gazing at the Golden Dragon with idle curiosity, which looked a lot more beautiful than before.

If they could find the Sacred Mudra Flower this time, their trip here would have indeed been more worthwhile than they could have ever imagined. Qing Shui believed that the Sacred Mudra Flower was an absolute necessity. Certainly, he also had backup plans up his sleeves for certain situations. If he really couldn’t manage to find one here, he planned to head off to the Sacred Mountain. If the Sacred Mountain really had such a kind of flower, Qing Shui planned to use all kinds of method just to get his hands...

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