AST 1759 - Upgrade to Foolish Loyalty, the formidable Golden Dragon

Chapter 1759 - Upgrade to Foolish Loyalty, the formidable Golden Dragon

Upon hearing what the woman on the left side said, the woman who stood near the northern entrance slowly turned around. She wore snow-white clothes with golden lines embedded in it. Along with the sacred aura she emitted from her body, there was a kind of gracefulness around her which words couldn’t describe.

Her beautiful hair was tied up with a golden ribbon. She had a face which was beautiful enough to topple over kingdoms. Her skin was as smooth as jade and her eyes were like the most beautiful black jewel one would ever see, other than just looking pure and clear, it also gave out sacred auras.

Her jade-like nose was also tall and fine-looking. At this moment, the woman knitted her brows, “Inform Ru Meng and Qing Meng. Tell them to head to the Sacred Ocean Sound Cave.”

The woman’s voice sounded cold yet beautiful. Deep in her voice also lied a power which could seduce people. Her voice was very attractive, yet it also gave a kind of disdainful and majestic feeling in it. This might have to do...

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