AST 1758 - Liu-li Lamp Crystal Stone, Great Earth Ocean Serpent

Chapter 1758 - Star Lamp Crystal Stone, Great Earth Sea Snake

 Qing Shui only realized how powerful some sacred regions could be. It’s no wonder why powerful sects tend to be built somewhere really far away from the normal environment. This wasn’t merely due to the inheritance they possessed, it was also related to the way they made use of the Heavenly Treasures. 

Qing Shui viewed this place as a natural treasure house. In his opinion, if someone chose to leave this place as it was, they would be wasting their precious opportunity to get some treasures. He was constantly picking them up, not only just the medicinal herbs but also some precious fish species as well as turtles and throwing them into the realm.

 Qing Shui felt unusually happy. He was exactly like a very poor man, who was suddenly given villas, luxurious cars, beautiful women, money as well as companies. 

 To Qing Shui, the things which he was getting at the moment was just as attractive as the...

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