AST 1757 - Sacred Ocean Sound Cave

AST 1757 - Sacred Ocean Sound Cave

 “It’s not a good thing for women to be too curious.” Qing Shui smiled and said.

 “Well, I can clearly say that I am not one of those which you just mentioned. I am only curious about you.” Muyun Qingge was a bit shy when she said it.

 “If things are really as you say, then wouldn’t that mean things would be dangerous for you? Could it be that… You have fallen for me?” Qing Shui smiled and looked at Muyun Qingge. 

 Upon hearing what Qing Shui said, Muyun Qingge immediately blushed, “Aren’t you ashamed of yourself? As if I would fall for you.”

 “You don’t have to be so embarrassed about it. It’s perfectly normal for a woman to start seeking a man at a certain point in their life. Be it, men or women, they are born with emotions.” Qing Shui said in a serious tone. 

 “You are the one seeking for women!…... And you are the one who is born with emotions!” For a moment, Muyun Qingge felt extremely embarrassed. 

No men had ever said things like that to her...

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