AST 1753 - Qing Shui’s interruption, an unexpected turn of event

Chapter 1753 - Qing Shui’s Interruption, an unexpected turn of event.

In an instant, Yang Can received a significant boost in his strength and managed to suppress Yan Yujiang rapidly.

Strength wasn’t the only factor in a battle between warriors. Actual battle experience, martial techniques and the mastery of their battle techniques also played prominent roles to decide the outcome of a battle. The other factor was the warrior's talent to utilize their Force of Heavenly Dao. All of these factors shouldn't be underestimated.

At the moment, Yang Can has managed to suppress Yan Yujiang with his own martial technique. He constantly unleashed formidable techniques as if he was about to turn over the entire ocean. It seemed like he planned to take down Yan Yujiang with one move.

However, his action also seemed unrealistic. Though Yan Yujiang might be at a disadvantage for now, he hasn’t been suppressed...

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