AST 1752 - Yang Can vs Yan Yujiang

Chapter 1752 - Yang Can vs Yan Yujiang

“Why didn’t you take an alternate path?”

All along, Qing Shui has never felt good about the Ocean Demon Palace. Now, it got even worse after he saw the arrogant attitude and words from them. He no longer had to fear them now, so there was no need for him to endure all these grudges within himself.

He didn’t bother to explain why he wanted to fly above the opponents, nor did he deny his plan to do that. He only questioned them back why he needed to take a detour. 

Certainly, with his understanding now towards the Ocean Demon Palace, he also knew what they were likely to say.

It’s just as Qing Shui said, the middle-aged man who was leading the group asked with a cold and disdainful smile, “Why do you want to pass us straight on? If you take an alternate path, at least you will be alive, if you pass through, you will die. Tell me then, do you want to take another...

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