AST 1751 - Meeting the Ocean Demon Race again

Chapter 1751 - Meeting the Ocean Demon Race again

At the moment when Qing Shui heard the Ocean Demon Palace being mentioned, he also started getting serious. The ten Ocean Demons who went on treasure-hunting with them were all dead. However, the time for the treasure-hunt was yet to be over. Hence, logically speaking, the Ocean Demon Palace shouldn’t be aware that they have all died for now.

Unless they had some sort of unique telepathic ability. But now, many things were still left unknown. Qing Shui was eager to see the reason for the appearance of Ocean Demon Palace this time.

“For what? Some say that it’s for a treasure, some say that it’s for the area around the Northern Yang Ocean Domain. But apparently, a more accurate source says that it’s for a woman.” The middle-aged man seemingly lowered down his voice.

“Woman? What sort of a woman is she for the Ocean Demon Palace and Northern Yang Palace to fight so hard for?” Old Xiong said in a confused...

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